Wineries in Ramona: A Wonderful Way to Spend the Day in Ramona


Ramona, California can be described as picturesque. When you think of what southern California can offer you and your family, you probably think of the weather first. Next, the beautiful sights to take in and how close you are to nature. Take all of the elements that make southern California such a desirable place to live and distill them into one location. That’s Ramona.


Ramona is located in the center of San Diego County. The reason why so many people are interested in buying real estate in Ramona is because it offers nearly everything you would want regardless of lifestyle. The Valley of the Sun, as it is called, allows you to have your space but also be close to the action. If you enjoy the idea of spending your relaxation time at home in an area with a small town feel, but within driving distance of exciting San Diego, Ramona is an excellent location. There is more to the area than quiet comforts, however. Yes, you’ll wake up to a beautiful view of the mountains, but did you know you would be living in wine country? Wine country isn’t an exaggeration, either. It’s official. While you may think that means everyone in Ramona just really loves their wine, the area is actually officially recognized by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (the U.S. government is not known for its brevity in naming conventions). Ramona is the 162nd American Viticultural Area to be exact.  An AVA is a region that is noted by the government for a specific microclimate, elevation, and soil type. Essentially, being labeled an AVA is like seeing a region’s pedigree for wine quality.



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Ramona is renowned for its tremendous variety of wineries in the area. If you’re considering moving to Ramona, or even just visiting, going on a winery tour is a fantastic way to spend the day and to get to know the area. The Ramona Valley AVA is filled with passionate vintners who are heavily invested in their community. Wine isn’t just a tasty part of the area’s commerce. It is integral to the community’s identity. The history of winemaking in the area is long, but it’s only been in the past ten years or so that it’s been officially recognized on a national scale. Since the beginning of 2006, Ramona has been part of the official registry for wine cultivation. But that’s not where it stops. Thanks to the efforts of the community, all kinds of wineries have been allowed to offer tasting rooms. The Boutique Winery Ordinance allows both the big national players and small, regional wineries to open their doors to visitors so they can taste what the wineries have to offer. There are few other places in the country that offer the sheer variety that Ramona does.


There is a reason why over the last several years there has been a growing buzz over the quality of California wine. Gone are the days when people would turn their noses up at anything that didn’t come out of France. California has become a serious contender in the global wine business. The Los Angeles Times has recently profiled some excellent, and until now, underappreciated wineries in San Diego County. Some of the wineries to visit in Ramona include Altipiano Winery, Castelli Family Vineyards, Hatfield Creek Vineyards & Winery, Poppaea Vineyard, and more. You could actually spend a week if not more visiting all of these fantastic wineries.


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When embarking on your wine tour, keep a few tips in mind. You’ll probably want to have a box of some kind with you. You’re going to love these wines and you’ll want to take home as many bottles as you can carry. Speaking of loving many of these different wines, you’ll also want to assign a designated driver. Drink responsibly, folks. Because you’re in Ramona, try focusing on some of the smaller wineries. They are what make the region unique. While there is nothing wrong with visiting the bigger names, the smaller wineries will offer a more intimate experience. You should also have what kind of wine you enjoy in mind when visiting the wineries. The wine makers/servers will ask you this so they know what would be the best recommendation for you. Don’t be shy about trying something completely new either.


Whether you’ve been living in the San Diego area or you’re thinking of living in California for the first time, Ramona is a beautiful place to put down roots. A winery tour is a fantastic way to get accustomed to the area and explore its culture. Once you spend some time taking in the incomparable sights and the delicious wine, you’ll never want to leave.

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